Associate Professor of Management | Internationalization Leader for the Management School and Department, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú


Membership statement

« I’ve worked more than 20 years in supply chains related areas in SMEs as well as MNCs, working local and abroad, leading teams in food and beverages, construction, energy, information technology, pharmaceutical, and sports and entertainment sectors. However, it was since I joined the academy in 2012 when I finally understood the real global reset potential of supply chains.
Hence, I have dedicated one of my main teaching and research fields to supply chain management, focusing on how these complex global structures are capable of turning the tide towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.

As Associate Professor of Management, the best way I found to become an agent of change for society, is encouraging my students to see themselves as a relevant part of a whole, where every small decision or action may have good or bad consequences, and have expected as well as unexpected outcomes for social, environmental, and economic concerns. As a Ph.D in Strategic Management, the best way I found to become a useful driver for sustainability, is developing a global network in order to do research on organizations’ sustainable behavior and intensively spread its findings as if the time is completely depleted.

I do believe organizations may find as soon as possible a conscious path to exploit their potential in order to do global good. Furthermore, I do believe also that people will learn to follow their trail towards a sustainable and inclusive future, acknowledging their key role as global citizens and how they could properly manage their power as consumers as well as inspire others to do the same ».