Professor, head of sustainable development research group, HIVA-KU Leuven


Membership statement

« Through research and evaluation work on trade union development cooperation, private sector programmes, and various ILO development programmes over the last 12 years, I came to realize the central importance of supply chains and the way they are structured and governed. Over the past years, our research group has therefore embarked on different studies on how the Belgian government and Belgian companies are engaging with the sustainable supply chain agenda. In that capacity I became a member of the federal subcommittee on business and human rights, as part of the advisory board on policy coherence for development. I was invited as an expert in parliamentary commissions, and am heading a national baseline assessment on business and human rights. We also launched a three-year research programme (2019-2021) to look at the supply chains of the university and the university hospital, the largest institutions of their kind in Belgium. I hope to network with academic peers and get to know about new resources. »